Cost Effectiveness of Making Your Own Window Covering

A lot of individuals know that making your window covering can help you save more, instead of buying ready-made setups from the department store. You can boost savings, as well as enhance income, by offering some of your creations in stores and online. You will soon realize that you get to hone your artistic skills as well as benefit from the cost-effectiveness of designing window coverings. You have to know the steps on how to make the most of your hard-earned money. Here are some tips on how to begin. But if you don’t have the time and confidence to make window covering on your own, then you should look at window coverings houston website for more information about the best window coverings in Houston.

Sourcing Out the Materials

You first need to find the right sources online, and in local shops, so you can begin working on your creations. It is recommended that you use materials straight from the supplier or distributor so you can take advantage of added savings from bulk orders. You should also check and ensure that your source is reliable and uses only quality materials. Some items may have to be shipped from remote parts of the country or the world, like bamboo and reeds.

Compare prices and check the market. It would be best if you aimed to create finished products well within the average price range of others available in stores and shopping malls. You should also compare materials since some appear the same way or function similarly but have significant differences when it comes to cost. Always be on the lookout for cheaper alternatives.

Why Design Your Own Window Covering?

When you decide to design your window coverings, you will discover a lot of new materials to work with. As a result, you get to save hundreds of dollars. You can find new sources as you learn more about the materials you are working with. Contrary to what the average buyer may think, you will need different items depending on the look and effect you want. For example, windows that let in too much light will require heavy fabrics that can be quite expensive. You can choose other types of material that also provide the same effect but are much cheaper such as wooden blinds.

If you buy window coverings at the department store, you are paying as much as two to three times more than what everything usually costs. Since the effort will come from you, you only need to shell out some money and your time. You can also ensure that the quality of the covering is excellent because you started the process. If you own a car, it is simple.

Cheap Sources

There are plenty of places where you can look for the most affordable materials. Thrift stores are usually full of custom draperies and fabric at meager prices. There are full panel sets that you can get for only $20 to $25. Linen or cotton draperies can be …

Frequent Doctor Visits – Detrimental to Anti Aging?

As age, you will probably notice that you visit your doctor more often than you did before. You should actually be glad about that because by doing that, you are on your way to winning the battle against aging. You need to be more cautious about your health because your body immune system deteriorates with age. You cannot afford to live your life recklessly because the price will be very high. You need to have your health checked regularly. The approach may not be the same for everyone. In fact, there may be moments when you don’t fully comprehend what your physician is telling you.

Sometimes, you may not be able to grasp all that your personal doctor tells you. Besides, our memory is always not perfect. Because, they tend to have hectic schedules, your physician can’t really remind you of what you discussed with him. You may hardly be able recall half of the information that you need to make you feel better. That’s why it is important that you write down or record what the doctor says. Those instructions Klik Dokter and recommendations you are noting down could save your life as they are meant to deal with the health problems that you are experiencing. To ensure that what you jotted down is accurate, its advised that you review the key points out loudly before you depart from the clinic. That way, your doctor will be sure that you clearly understood what he passed across.

You are entitled to a second opinion if you have any doubts in what your physician is saying. A good physician will not disclose anything from you. That’s how you can tell whether you are getting the best from them. You also need to let the specialist know every crucial detail of your life, both present and past as regards your health. You don’t have to fear aging. After all, you are not the only one who is facing it. Those fine lines and wrinkles on your face are what connects you to the rest of the human race. Let them not bother you much. Just embrace your age, and do whatever is within your power to live your life to the fullest.

Remember, to live healthy, you need to effectively implement what you doctor tells you. That means you also have to understand the instructions they give you in the first place. This may seem simple but remember there are some moments when you are overwhelmed by information that some of the smaller details will escape you. Now, its these seemingly minor details that you have either left out or forgotten that tend to put your health in jeopardy. You have lots of things to remember and do. You may feel that you have everything figured out and to your disappointment, test results come out different from what you expected. It can be really difficult if you have to take medication at every meal.

Bear in mind that, doctors have a tendency …

Ideas On How To Get A Great Bathroom On A Budget

You do not need to spend a fortune to remodel or renovate your bathroom especially if you plan.

Labour costs form a significant portion of any bathroom remodelling option so you should start the redesign process by looking at how you can cut labour costs a good suggestion is Zenstone. One great way to cut on these costs is to only update the pieces while leaving your sanitary ware and WC as they are. This way, you do not have to budgeting on how you are going to move your plumbing system.

Consider Updating Your Bathroom With Tiles

You can update an outdated place in a unique and appealing way by using new tiles. Tiles do not require a lot of maintenance and they are highly durable. As such, they can be used in an area that has high levels of humidity such as the bathroom.

Before actually purchasing tiles, try out a few designs in order to find the tiles that will best compliment your bathroom. This is the best way to avoid having to make expensive reorders.

Carry Out the Renovations Personally

You can control the costs of redesigning your bathroom and at the same time give the space a personal touch by tiling the space half way and only focusing on the parts that actually encounter water. By doing this, you will use less tiles and leave the design of the bathroom open. Later, you can change the decor of the bathroom through simply painting the area above the tiling.

By carrying out the tiling without outside help, you can cut costs further. You can get assistance on how to tile by going through online tutorials and self-help guides. You can also get useful tips from local resources at your disposal. For example, according to Sian O’Neil – The head of marketing and online ventures at Topps Tiles – You can simply visit your local tile store and ask for advice on the best grouts, tiles, and tools to use as you are redesigning your bathroom.

Focus on Achieving High End Results at Low Costs

Tiles made from natural stone are a timeless trend in many bathrooms since they are durable and subtle. However, they can be expensive to install and are not ideal for rooms that have a lot of water because they have a porous surface.

If you want to add some colour in your bathroom without spending a lot of cash, you can consider using mosaic tiles. A few sheets of mosaic tiles can go a long way in your remodelling as they can be cut into strips to create focal-point feature panels and borders.

During the redesign process, you can also incorporate patterns to make the budget materials you are using more attractive.

Save Time When Redesigning by Getting Wall Panelling

If you think that tiling will take too much time, you should consider adding wall panelling in your bathroom. Panelling is 100% waterproof and additionally, it can be installed over existing …

6. Tips and Tricks to Make Your Glass Sparkling Clean

Keeping mirrors, glass splashbacks and windows clean can be challenging. Many people spray and wipe mirrors and windows and are surprised to find that the spraying and wiping do not help them achieve streak-free results. When it comes to cleaning glass surfaces, it is good to use the right techniques and tools to make the task easier, save money and help you achieve a streak-free glass surface.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Make Your Glass Surface Sparkling Clean

Start Cleaning Your Glass Surface from the Top

Cleaning your glass surface from the top to the bottom is one of the best ways to make the surface sparkling clean. This is because cleaning from the top makes the cleaning solution drip into the areas that you have not washed. However, if you start from the bottom, the areas that you have washed will have drips and you will have to clean them all over again.

Clean Your Windows on a Cloudy Day

I know that some people reading this thought that it is good to clean windows on a sunny day as the sun makes it easier to see the dirt on the glass surface. The problem with cleaning windows on a sunny day is that the sun dries the fluid used to wash windows prematurely hence leaving streaks and residue on the window’s surface.

On the other hand, when windows are washed on a cloudy day, the cleaning solution will not dry fast and you will be able to wipe the cleaning solution. Therefore, cleaning your windows on a cloudy day will help you get your windows clear and streak-free.

Clean Glass Surfaces Using a Squeegee

A squeegee is a very important tool when it comes to cleaning glass surfaces. This is because it can clean glass surfaces without leaving streaks. You may wipe your windows with cloth but discover that all the cleaning solution was not removed. Re-wiping the areas where the cleaning solution was not removed is not a good idea as it may leave streaks on the glass surface.

In such cases, a squeegee is the best tool to use to remove the cleaning solution as it will do this job well without leaving streaks. Besides, a squeegee can make the task effortless. If you want to clean tall windows, consider a long-handled squeegee. The good thing about such a squeegee is that you can use it to also clean doors and shower walls.

Use Cotton Swabs to Clean Corners

Cotton swabs can clean hard to reach areas such as corners as they can easily get into the smallest tightest areas because of their size. There is no other tool that does this job better than cotton swabs. So, before you start cleaning your windows, it is good to ensure that you have cotton swabs for the best window cleaning outcome.

Use an Old T-Shirt to Clean Glass Surfaces

It is a good idea to clean glass using an old t-shirt as it does not …

Tips for Getting Your Kitchen Ready for the Summer

If we were being strict about the calendar, summer is actually already with us, in fact, the solstice has passed and the days are getting shorter! That said, the school holidays are still here and we’ve still got a lot of fun times ahead of us. There’s even time to still do a barbecue. So, kitchen designers Stone and Chrome invite you to have a look at how we can prepare for the “summer fun” if not the peak summer weather.

Ready for Summer: Cool and Fancy Fridges

When was the last time that you updated your fridge? Modern fridges are amazing. There are so many different styles to choose from, and there are plenty of appealing colours as well. There’s no need to stick to boring old white any more.

Whatever style you want to have in your kitchen, modern, rustic, high tech or understated, there is something that will suit you. Be sure to pick up a fridge with a built-in ice machine, especially if you have kids in the household, since they will love having access to it for nice cold drinks throughout the day. Having ice on demand is a luxury they will get used to quite quickly! It’s so much nicer than having to mess with an ice tray or finding that the last person to make drinks forgot to refill it!

Brighten Up Your Kitchen for a Year-Round Summer

Brightening up your kitchen space is a good choice if you want to make it feel like it is summertime all year round. Introduce more light to make the space that little bit nicer, or choose a design with crisp, sleek lines that will make it seem as if the kitchen is roomier, and will draw your eye to the window as a focal point. Let natural light flood in for a fresh and relaxing environment.

You can even go one step further and use a herb garden on the windowsill to bring the light from the outside in. Grow mint, basil, and thyme so that you can have a nice tasty addition to your summer meals, and have dried herbs year-round too. These herbs are quick and easy to grow and don’t take up a lot of space either.

Light Colours Make a Big Difference

If you can’t afford to replace the whole kitchen, then you can still make a huge change to the atmosphere of the room with some low-cost changes. Use colourful dinnerware and storage containers. Lay out bright floral table mats and coasters, or change your blinds for something bright and refreshing.

Any light and bright decorations can make a huge difference, and you can get a lot out of just making small changes to the room. Use downlights under your cabinets, put lamps in dark corners and use candles on the kitchen table.

Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your budget allows then replacing your cabinets and countertops can be a good option. Bright and summery colours can work well …

Learn all You Should Know about Sash Windows

Sash windows can be a timeless feature to any home. Here, KJM Group explains the sash windows’ elegant style, their history, when they should be replaced or restored, and how to pick out new ones.

If you are renovating a Victorian, Regency, or Georgian property, then this item needs to be a high priority for your shopping list.

What are Sash Windows and How do they Work?

The very word ‘sash’ is a reference to a singular frame for glazing. Traditional sliding sash windows had a pair of sashes sliding up and down. In simple terms, this kind of window would function by balancing its sash with an opposing counter-weight of cast iron, steel, or leaden weight that hangs on a cord but is concealed inside a hollowed-out box frame. It’s possible to retrofit insulation into these pockets for older windows.

This is certainly a classic design and one most frequently seen in Georgian properties, although variations can also be seen in some variations of later Edwardian and Victorian houses.

Sash Window Styles

When you replace the windows of any older property, or you’re choosing the aesthetic for your period-style residence, then you need to proceed with caution so you can be sure you get the proper time period. Sash windows have gone through a number of stylistic evolutions through the course of their history, so be mindful of this lest you get caught off guard.


Sashes normally comprise of several small panes known as ‘lights’. Glazing or astragal bars hold these all together in order to form up a broader glazed area. This happened because glass technology back then didn’t permit broad expanses using clear glazing.

Should Sash Windows be Repaired or Replaced?

Whenever possible, avoid removing any sashes using original period timber in lieu of modern replacements. It’s far better to first restore and then waterproof an existing sash if it’s at all possible.

The advantages of doing repairs when practical include:

-A home keeps its original character and charm

-Homeowners can take advantage of enhanced thermal performance thanks to draught-proofing and double glazing when a box frame gets retained with replacement glazing

-The original timber is likely to be of superior quality to modern products

Expenses Involved in Replacing and/or Restoring Sashes

Glazing might be replaceable in sash windows when the original frames prove to be salvageable. If you can renovate something to a relatively prime condition, then you might be able to upgrade single-glazed panelling to a thin double glaze. New sashes that can be fitted into your existing frames are possible, with estimates starting at £1,000 per window.

What Kind of Material is Best for Replacement Sash Windows?

Timber Sashes

If you live inside a conservation area or building, or you’re just a traditionalist, then you should opt for authentic timber sash windows. In fact, they should be your only real option, because while plastic offers many benefits, it just doesn’t have a similar tactile effect. Some of the benefits of timber …

New To Glass – Check Out This Handy Guide

Glass splashback tiles and worktopGlass is one of the most versatile materials in use. It’s commonly found on doors, windows and shower enclosures. Well, have you been wondering whether you can use glass in your kitchen? Have you come across glass worktops and splashbacks? Here are some Glass Inspirations for you, what you need to know about the benefits of using glass, and what to check out, as well as some tips to help you get it right.

The Material

Any glass to be used for work surfaces is very tough. Therefore, it will become a very durable kitchen worktop. Glass is non-porous so it is heat and stain-resistant. When engineering a splashback or worktop, you can enjoy numerous colours and printed images. If you are looking for an upcycled feel, you can look for recycled glass options with light refraction similar to that in quartz or granite surfaces.

The Benefits

Some of the benefits of using glass in your kitchen include the following.

1. Durability – toughened glass is resistant to both water and heat damage. Therefore, you can spill as many things in your kitchen as you like without worrying about the repercussions.

2. Flexibility – when you choose glass, the surface can be cut, sized and shaped to meet your preferences. You don’t need to compromise or choose a design you don’t like.

3. Hygienic – glass is a non-porous surface so it reduces long-term wear and tear since there are no crevices where bacteria will linger. You can clean your worktop easily by wiping down.

4. Choice – are you struggling to find the best hue to match with the rest of your cabinet and furnishing choices? Glass is the best choice since it has a lot of colours, textures and finishes available.

5. Impact – yes, having a glass countertop is quite unusual in your kitchen. However, it’s bound to attract envy and compliments from any guests. It has the elements of transparency that allows you to illuminate your surface much better than any other material.

What Do You Need to Worry About?

If you choose glass countertops, some of the things to worry about include the following:

1. Scratching – Don’t chop anything directly on your worktop. Yes, the glass might be toughened and durable. However, if it comes into direct contact with sharp blades, there will be damage.

2. Fingerprints – It has a glossy sheen which means that it will show more fingerprints compared to other materials. You can wipe down the surface to remove any smears. You can also choose matt or textured glass finishes to avoid the fingerprints.

3. Cost – Depending on how bespoke you want your glass worktop, you can check various price ranges to choose the best one for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Worktop

Now that you know how perfect glass would be in your kitchen, you need to make the right choice. Here are a few things to consider.

1. Feature – …

Making the Most of Your Attic Space With a Loft Bedroom

Unused loft space to convertWhile the value of UK homes is rising, they are shrinking in size. A loft bedroom is one of the great ways that you can boost both the value of your property and the living space. If you are fighting for space, you should clear the clutter from the loft and turn it into a bedroom. While this might sound like a challenge, it is not as hard as you might imagine.

The Right Ingredients

Before you invest emotionally and financially in a loft conversion, you need to do a quick reality check. First, consider if your loft is big enough to become a usable bedroom. Does the loft have enough height?

It is recommended that you have a minimum height of 2.4 to 2.6 metres for a modern trussed roof. If you have a cut roof, you need 2.2 to 2.4 metres. These roofs are made with the traditional method of cutting timber on-site and then building the roof with rafters and purlins.

You also need to take a look at the design of the roof. Modern trussed roofs are harder to convert compared to the traditional cut roof. This is due to each truss being made for a specific position in the structure of the roof. If they are altered, the roof could potentially collapse. You have to take this into account when you consider a loft conversion and get a structural engineer to take a look.

Rooflight Loft Conversions

There are three primary types of loft conversions that you need to know about: rooflight, dormer and mansard. The rooflight will be the cheapest option and it is also the simplest. There are few alterations required to the space other than putting a window in the slope of the roof. These types of conversions will generally cost around £1,200 to £1,500 per square metre.

Dormer and Mansard Conversions

If your property has a pitched roof, you can probably have a dormer window. These are best known for the box shape they have and will project out of the existing slope of the roof. They will create a generous headspace and internal floor area. The rear of the property is where these windows will generally be found.

When you have a mansard conversion, the slope of the roof will be replaced with a new structure. This will have a steeper sloping side and a flat roof. This is a good option if the original roof had very little or no headroom on offer.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

Loft conversions are generally considered a permitted development unless you are looking at a mansard conversion. This means that you will not have to get any planning permission. The only time you need this is when you need to extend the roof space by more 50 cubic metres. While this is the case, there are strict rules which apply such as the material needing to be similar in appearance to the rest of the house.

Working With Building Regulations

You …

Anxiety Self Help – Can Anxiety Be Eliminated Using Self Help Strategies?

Image result for Anxiety Self Help - Can Anxiety Be Eliminated Using Self Help Strategies?

What is a panic attack?

If you have suffered a panic or anxiety attack you know that they’re astonishingly uncomfortable. The body goes into survival mode and you may suffer several symptoms like quick and short breathing, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, hot flushing, sweating, shaking or trembling, to name just a few. Always get a medical professional to identify your symptoms panic attacks as a starting point.

Can panic and anxiety attacks be remedied naturally?

That varies from person to person but is largely determined by how much energy you want to invest into handling and even getting rid of your panic episodes. By practicing modern psychological methods, strategies and techniques you can help determine just what makes your system go into survival mode and also methods to divert your feelings and emotions from actually having a panic or anxiety attack in the first place.

Lots of these modern techniques have been used by ex – sufferers who, after years of seeking an answer to their own panic and anxiety problems, found approaches which did the trick for them. As a result of this, a few of them have recorded their own success story and also have gone on to develop thoroughly tested step by step instructions which have made it easier for lots of people to eliminate their anxiety and panic attacks too.

Treating panic attacks will take practice?

Let us get real here. Virtually any technique(s) that you study will surely take you out of your comfort zone and you will also need to keep trying and practicing them. If the certain technique/method has worked for a lot of individuals then there is a decent chance it’s going to be right for you. If all of us could simply just read something on one occasion for results, then no one would have any problems in this world.

A small amount of effort goes a long way

How much do you want to reduce or even eliminate your panic attacks? How much do you want to experience a far more self-confident life, more confident within yourself and your own abilities? Naturally you would.

Except for the smart few reading this article, you know deep down inside your heart there’s a price to pay. You all fully understand this is correct, but a majority of individuals are not ready to pay out that cost.

In case reducing your panic attacks is a goal of weighted blanket by, then stop daydreaming and make it happen by finding a good anxiety self help program. Locate someone who has already been where you are right now, someone that used to have panic attacks but found an easy method to eliminate them and turn their life around. The main difference with these people, in comparison to many people, is that they did flip their life around simply because they put in a lot of energy and were determined to learn how to stop panic attacks forever.

You’re able to do exactly the same …

Tips for quitting smoking

When it comes to quitting smoking, it’s important to remember that one solution doesn’t fit all. Everyone of us is different and as such we should ensure that the programme we use to quit will need to be tailored to each individual. There are some instant options though, for quitting smoking and these include simply going cold turkey, or trying an alternative nicotine option such as snus. There are numerous different snus brands and options, which can be found at, though one of the more popular choices comes from General, thus giving you a starting point on where to look.

Using START to stop!

As we mentioned above, each plan to quit will be different. When formulating your plan it can be really helpful to follow the START setup. The first part is to set a deadline for yourself giving yourself enough time to prepare without losing motivation. The next step is to tell family, friends and workers that you plan on quitting as they can be encouragement and support. You should then anticipate the additional challenges you might face and make contingencies for this – most people who can’t manage to quit smoking, restart smoking within three months of their initial quit date.

Finishing the programme

The biggest step is then to remove all cigarettes and products containing tobacco from everywhere that you live or work. Removing these items will help you to resist temptation. It’s also a good idea to wash your clothes and freshen areas such as your car that will smell of smoke reminding you of what you’re missing out. Finally, you can also talk to your doctor in order to get help, have medicines prescribed for withdrawal symptoms or even to receive additional quitting aids such as lozenges and gum. With all of this in place, hopefully you will be well on your way to quitting.…