January 26, 2021


Extraordinary healthy

From 170 pounds to 138 pounds

How long she’s kept it off: She started in April, reaching her current weight in August.

Personal life: Married with three kids, she is the digital strategy, content and operations leader for a major company. She lives in Decatur.

Turning point: “I got pregnant with twins in 2009. Because it was considered a high-risk pregnancy, my age plus multiples, I spent a lot of time researching optimal nutrition. … I gained 100 pounds and gave birth to very healthy 8-and 9-pound babies,” Butler said. “After the births, I lost 75 pounds naturally while breastfeeding, but it was hard to find time to exercise as a new mother and full-time employed parent. And life was stressful. That extra 25 pounds became permanent.”

Diet plan: “I worked with Nancy Masoud with LockedIN Wellness on a nutrition plan that resulted in weight loss but was focused on eliminating inflammation, bloating and fatigue,” Butler said. “Nancy used hair analysis data to design a diet protocol for me based on supplementation … and elimination of foods that I had sensitivities to — things I had always eaten and had no idea were causing digestive issues.”

Exercise routine: “Daily walks and yoga are my only routine exercise,” Butler said. “I hate running but really love doing squats and crunches. I believe exercise should be a reward — not a punishment — for my body, so I try to do things I really love.”

Biggest challenge: “Starting a new diet at the beginning of a pandemic,” Butler said. “It required a lot more fresh foods with more frequent grocery runs and cooking for myself — all of this while working in a new way: remote, home-schooling virtual students and managing a virtual team.”

How life has changed: “I wake up with energy. … I have two daughters and was very cognizant during my weight loss that they were observing and taking cues from me, especially my attitude toward my body,” Butler said. “… You need to love your body before you can change it. Going into this with the attitude, ‘I love my body! It delivered three healthy babies for me! It’s where I live all day, every day, and I want it to last another 42 years!” is what I needed to believe to achieve my goal. I wanted a healthy body, not a different body.”

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