April 12, 2021


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Health and Wellness Take Center Stage at CES 2021, With New Devices for At-Home Physical Therapy, Improved Hearing, Blood Glucose Monitoring, and More

Intervening at the earliest signs of a problem is almost always preferable to getting involved when there’s already a crisis. CarePredict’s remote activity monitoring app, TouchPoint, coupled with its smart wearable device, the Tempo, promises to enable remote caregivers to do just that. Designed specifically with senior care in mind, the CarePredict system tracks an individual’s daily activity patterns, first learning what’s “normal” for that person. It then monitors that person on a daily basis and creates trend reports for the caregiver on the person’s sleep, food intake, physical activity, and activities of daily living, such as toothbrushing. If it appears that meals are being missed, a person is sleeping more or less than usual, or a person is more or less active than usual, the app can send an alert to the caregiver, allowing for early intervention, if needed.

The Tempo, which is worn on the wrist like a watch or bracelet, has a touch-button call system so caregiver and recipient can speak to one another in real time. The CarePredict @Home kit costs $449.99, and the subscription fee is being waived during the pandemic.

— Everyday Health Senior Health Editor Ingrid Strauch

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