August 15, 2020


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How To Be Healthier Naturally

     American has a big problem, and it has to do with our waistlines. Multiple studies have shown that the growing rate of obesity in the United States has hit an all-time high. Obesity has been named by the government to be one of the most important epidemics that people should focus on tackling. Obesity is a preventable disease, although studies have also shown that genetics do play a large role in weight gain and obesity. There are two main reasons, other than genetics, that have played a huge role in increasing the amount of people who suffer from this preventable disease. The first main cause of the epidemic crises in the United States is the increase of production and decrease in cost of processed foods. Processed foods generally are a lot worse for us than the natural form of those foods, but people buy them because they taste good and they’re far less expensive than the same caloric amount of fresh, whole foods like vegetables and fruit. It takes less time and effort to prepare and costs less for corporations to produce because they’re filled with fillers and empty calories. They’re awful for our bodies, but cheap, easy to make, and taste good. The second main reason why Americans have gotten so much larger is because most us live sedentary lifestyles because of technology. When it comes to the increase of processed foods, the rise in technology has paralleled that rise of bad foods, which has created pretty much the perfect storm for. We have less time to focus on making meals for us and our families and convenience food is more reliably found than fresh fruits no vegetables and at much lower rates. Not only are more jobs surrounded around being in an office chair for hours at a time, but our home lives are dedicated to television and computers and it has been horrible for our health.

     While it may seem as though it’s impossible to change your situation naturally, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle at work, there are ways that you can make sure that you get the most out of your life, even if you’re busy. You should focus most of your meals on natural foods that are in the natural form, like plants, vegetables, legumes, and beans. Having a diet rich in these items is an excellent way to jump start your health. Because it can be difficult to prepare meals when your busy, opt for prepping your meals at one time of the week that you’re not as busy and making it work for you and your family. You don’t have to stay away completely from sweets or processed foods but having a small amount of snack sized items like M&M’s is a great way to control the amount that you’re intaking.

     You should also consider getting in more daily exercise. It’s important to get in any exercise that you can and when you can. While the gym is a great option for some, others may not like the atmosphere and pressure that comes along with it. Instead of wasting money on a membership you won’t use because of nerves, instead try to start walking to work or cycling so that you can eat in that exercise and all the benefits that come along with it.