September 26, 2020


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Ideas On How To Get A Great Bathroom On A Budget

You do not need to spend a fortune to remodel or renovate your bathroom especially if you plan.

Labour costs form a significant portion of any bathroom remodelling option so you should start the redesign process by looking at how you can cut labour costs a good suggestion is Zenstone. One great way to cut on these costs is to only update the pieces while leaving your sanitary ware and WC as they are. This way, you do not have to budgeting on how you are going to move your plumbing system.

Consider Updating Your Bathroom With Tiles

You can update an outdated place in a unique and appealing way by using new tiles. Tiles do not require a lot of maintenance and they are highly durable. As such, they can be used in an area that has high levels of humidity such as the bathroom.

Before actually purchasing tiles, try out a few designs in order to find the tiles that will best compliment your bathroom. This is the best way to avoid having to make expensive reorders.

Carry Out the Renovations Personally

You can control the costs of redesigning your bathroom and at the same time give the space a personal touch by tiling the space half way and only focusing on the parts that actually encounter water. By doing this, you will use less tiles and leave the design of the bathroom open. Later, you can change the decor of the bathroom through simply painting the area above the tiling.

By carrying out the tiling without outside help, you can cut costs further. You can get assistance on how to tile by going through online tutorials and self-help guides. You can also get useful tips from local resources at your disposal. For example, according to Sian O’Neil – The head of marketing and online ventures at Topps Tiles – You can simply visit your local tile store and ask for advice on the best grouts, tiles, and tools to use as you are redesigning your bathroom.

Focus on Achieving High End Results at Low Costs

Tiles made from natural stone are a timeless trend in many bathrooms since they are durable and subtle. However, they can be expensive to install and are not ideal for rooms that have a lot of water because they have a porous surface.

If you want to add some colour in your bathroom without spending a lot of cash, you can consider using mosaic tiles. A few sheets of mosaic tiles can go a long way in your remodelling as they can be cut into strips to create focal-point feature panels and borders.

During the redesign process, you can also incorporate patterns to make the budget materials you are using more attractive.

Save Time When Redesigning by Getting Wall Panelling

If you think that tiling will take too much time, you should consider adding wall panelling in your bathroom. Panelling is 100% waterproof and additionally, it can be installed over existing tiles.

Consider Adding a Fresh Coat of Paint

You can get a big transformation in your bathroom by simply adding a new coat of paint. When choosing paint, ensure you pick a coat that can withstand damp and warm conditions such as Dulux Bathroom+.

Since we do not spend a lot of time in bathrooms, we tend to paint this space with colours that make an instant statement. You can however download the Dulux visualiser app in order to understand what paint colours will look like on the walls of your bathroom in real time. You can also order tester colours to experiment on your walls before you begin decorating your bathroom.

Consider Investing Now to Save Money in The Future

When it comes to redesigning your bathroom, it makes financial sense to invest in high quality products especially when it comes to brass ware. High quality brass-ware is more pleasurable to use and it also lasts longer than other cheaper alternatives.

Choose brass ware that compliments your water supply so that you get adequate water when you turn on the tap.

Should You Get A Bath, Shower or Both?

If you want to save on space and cash, you should consider getting a shower bath. You can however also invest in a separate shower and bath. If you like the convenience offered by a shower enclosure, get trendy low-profile low shower trays accompanied by slender frames.

Consider These Money Savers

Consider getting shower valves as they allow you to control the flow of water from the shower head and set the temperature levels of the water. These valves can be hidden behind the wall of the shower enclosure with only the control panel and display remaining exposed. This however means that pipework will be visible within the shower enclosure. Though it is not sleek, it is easy to install and you will not need to carry out renovations to hide piping in the wall. Should anything go wrong, it will also be easier to carry out repairs.

It is better to choose an electric shower compared to a mixer.

Consider Installing Affordable Vinyl Flooring

The average British bathroom does not take up a lot of space. Should you choose to replace the existing flooring with an affordable option like vinyl, you will not end up spending a lot of quid.

If you are looking to cut back on costs, use the vinyl tiles of the sheet variety, as it is durable and easy to install. However, this type of vinyl is expensive to repair. If your bathroom usually gets a lot of traffic, you should consider getting luxury vinyl tiles. Luxury tiles can be more expensive than sheet vinyl but they offer better aesthetic appeal, are highly durable, water-resistant and easy to fit. They are also easy to replace in case they are damaged.

Once upon a time, you had to sacrifice style on the altar of durability. However, due to advances in printing technology, you can get laminate floors that appear vert similar to the natural materials they imitate.