Internet Marketing Summed Up

There is an almost infinite amount of literature out there on internet marketing – most of it posted on the internet itself! The truth is it’s a very simple game, and I’m here to give you the basics. My credentials? I’m a trained technical writer and worked for an Internet Service Provider in Chicago before eventually starting my own business. I get 90% of my business through the internet, so I’ve made internet marketing my sole occupation for the past five years. Here’s what I’ve learned in a nutshell.

To start with, your site needs to be attractive, professional looking, and easily navigable. What I’ve found is that these three aspects of your site have more or less equal value. If it isn’t attractive people don’t want to look at it, and they won’t trust your company. If it’s not professional looking, they will doubt the legitimacy of your company. And if it isn’t navigable they’ll get frustrated and leave, oftentimes very quickly. Be careful going with a firm who wants to make your site overly complicated – no need. The main thing is that people can find what they’re looking for.

Most importantly, your site needs to do well in the search engines. The rest of this article is focused on this absolutely CRITICAL aspect of internet marketing. You can have the best website on the planet, and if people can’t find it it does you or them absolutely no good! Here are the five main points to creating a website that does well in the search engines.

First, know your keyword search phrases. Do some research. If you Google “Keyword Tool” the very first link is to Google’s keyword tool, which gives you invaluable information. Type in a phrase and leave the “website” box blank, then hit enter. This tool will give you the amount of monthly searches that this phrase gets, it will rate the amount of competition, and it will give you other suggestions. My company is an adventure travel company that focuses largely on the Grand Canyon. Our number one phrase is Grand Canyon hiking tours because it’s so targeted, and roughly 600 people per month search for it.

Second, saturate the content on your home page with your keyword phrases. It must be in HTML, not Flash, and your content should be 200-400 words. The verbage needs to flow, but it’s also OK to shamelessly saturate that text with your keyword phrases.

Third, build your keyword phrases into your link structure. If you are marketing massages in Minneapolis and “Minneapolis massage therapy” is one of your phrases, then have that as one of your structural links. So people will come to your home page and one of their options will be “Minneapolis massage therapy.” When they click on that link it should take them to a page with the URL…/, and that page should talk all about your Minneapolis service. Also, you don’t want any outgoing links from your home page or any of your landing pages (main pages that you want to show up in the search engines).

Fourth, the Title tag on your home page is a critical element to search engine optimization. It should be no longer than 8-10 words, and it MUST have your keyword phrases embedded in it. For the above message example, I would make the Title tag say “Minneapolis Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Massage in Minneapolis.”

Fifth, you need to have incoming links to your website. Writing articles like this one is a great way to create links. Writing on forums and embedding links in your entries or in your signature also work. Another strategy is doing a link exchange campaign, which is effective but highly work intensive.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) houston seo consulting takes time, so my recommendation is to get started and have fun while you’re at it! Just think of all the business you’re going to have flooding in as a result. Great luck!