October 31, 2020


Extraordinary healthy

Low body fat, healthy lifestyle do not prevent COVID-19

The claim: Individuals who meet certain health criteria — such as a low body fat percentage or a healthy diet and regular exercise — are not at risk for COVID-19

Multiple posts on Facebook asserting that various traits eliminate the risk of COVID-19 have gone viral.

The first post, on the page Bodybuilders Against Tipping, claims that COVID-19 “doesn’t affect anyone under 10% body fat.”

“The virus is only killing off obese people who never lifted weights or worked out a day in their lives,” the post said.

The second post, on the page Psychedelic Adventure, lists a number of lifestyle choices that it claims are protective against risk of the coronavirus.

“Not sure who needs to hear this, but you have an immune system and if you managed your weight, avoided processed foods, didn’t drink alcohol, exercise regularly, get proper sleep, get sunlight, consume no sugar and actually give a damn about your health then your immune system and body will do its job and you won’t have to be afraid of a virus or any disease,” the post said. “It’s a crazy concept called being healthy.”