January 25, 2021


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New To Glass – Check Out This Handy Guide

Glass splashback tiles and worktopGlass is one of the most versatile materials in use. It’s commonly found on doors, windows and shower enclosures. Well, have you been wondering whether you can use glass in your kitchen? Have you come across glass worktops and splashbacks? Here are some Glass Inspirations for you, what you need to know about the benefits of using glass, and what to check out, as well as some tips to help you get it right.

The Material

Any glass to be used for work surfaces is very tough. Therefore, it will become a very durable kitchen worktop. Glass is non-porous so it is heat and stain-resistant. When engineering a splashback or worktop, you can enjoy numerous colours and printed images. If you are looking for an upcycled feel, you can look for recycled glass options with light refraction similar to that in quartz or granite surfaces.

The Benefits

Some of the benefits of using glass in your kitchen include the following.

1. Durability – toughened glass is resistant to both water and heat damage. Therefore, you can spill as many things in your kitchen as you like without worrying about the repercussions.

2. Flexibility – when you choose glass, the surface can be cut, sized and shaped to meet your preferences. You don’t need to compromise or choose a design you don’t like.

3. Hygienic – glass is a non-porous surface so it reduces long-term wear and tear since there are no crevices where bacteria will linger. You can clean your worktop easily by wiping down.

4. Choice – are you struggling to find the best hue to match with the rest of your cabinet and furnishing choices? Glass is the best choice since it has a lot of colours, textures and finishes available.

5. Impact – yes, having a glass countertop is quite unusual in your kitchen. However, it’s bound to attract envy and compliments from any guests. It has the elements of transparency that allows you to illuminate your surface much better than any other material.

What Do You Need to Worry About?

If you choose glass countertops, some of the things to worry about include the following:

1. Scratching – Don’t chop anything directly on your worktop. Yes, the glass might be toughened and durable. However, if it comes into direct contact with sharp blades, there will be damage.

2. Fingerprints – It has a glossy sheen which means that it will show more fingerprints compared to other materials. You can wipe down the surface to remove any smears. You can also choose matt or textured glass finishes to avoid the fingerprints.

3. Cost – Depending on how bespoke you want your glass worktop, you can check various price ranges to choose the best one for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Glass for Your Worktop

Now that you know how perfect glass would be in your kitchen, you need to make the right choice. Here are a few things to consider.

1. Feature – you need to consider whether the glass worktop will be the main kitchen feature. If so, you have a lot of options to choose from but you can go for the subtle tones.

2. Natural Light – is your kitchen naturally light or dark? It should help you choose the right sheen and colour of your worktop. Don’t forget to consider the reflectiveness and the hue. Use the worktop to bring in more light.

3. Function – besides illumination and bespoke features make sure your worktop can optimise these elements besides the usual function.

Take all these factors into consideration before choosing the right glass for your kitchen and enjoy the look.