Recognizing a Fraud

Many executives and individuals applying for management positions basically talk a lot of BS. When someone is highly recommended, you expect to get in touch with a clever person and a leader, however, in many cases, as soon as they get on the phone with you they start throwing up a lot of nonsense about how they have been involved in strategically important roles, focusing on their core competencies, building interfaces with key personnel, how quality control and dynamic leadership are their personal models, and more シンガポールで仕事.

There are several reasons why these individuals behave like this:

– They focus on themselves instead of on the person they are talking to.

This is, they want to impress rather than inform. These individuals talk a lot of gibberish and try to sound smart by making others clueless about what they are saying.

– They fear to say things in a concrete way, because if they say what they mean, they will get into a hard to avoid commitment.

Frauds are scared by responsibility, thus, they start talking nonstop and about anything to sustain their views, from an approaching hurricane to the list of ten reasons why a decision can’t be reached right away.

– They put their actions and thoughts on a pedestal, and even turn them into romantic fairy tales, because they fear they are not impressive enough.

In order to do this, they use the well-known and not-fooling-true-leaders technique of using every form of ‘distinguished’ vocabulary.

These individuals are afraid to look ordinary, so, they try to deceive everyone they talk to, especially if it is someone with power. This is the worst strategy, because in a job interview, this approach will make the person look arrogant and unintelligent, repelling every wise employer.

There are only two things that matter in a job interview: the person’s set of skills and his or her integrity. No one can get away with pretending they know too much about something they really don’t know anything about for a long time; they will sooner than later be caught and most certainly get fired.

Honesty is a trait of good character. Respect for one’s experience and knowledge is a sign of strength and trust; showing confidence in the fact that one can learn fast will open valuable doors and get the person worthy mentors.

Employers grant interviews to see how an individual can help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. They want people who can simplify their lives by doing a でシンガポールの転職活動に成功を, and this is what the individual has to prove when he is being interviewed, that he is the right person for the シンガポールの求人なら実績の.

In order to prove it, he must:

– Be very good at something, one of the best

– That something has to be key for the business’ success, it has to be a financially valued skill

– He has to prove that he is good at it

– He has to deliver

Only real individuals are truly successful; every other type is a fraud, not worth losing your time over, and certainly not worth your business. Luckily, it is easy to know the difference!