Tips for quitting smoking

When it comes to quitting smoking, it’s important to remember that one solution doesn’t fit all. Everyone of us is different and as such we should ensure that the programme we use to quit will need to be tailored to each individual. There are some instant options though, for quitting smoking and these include simply going cold turkey, or trying an alternative nicotine option such as snus. There are numerous different snus brands and options, which can be found at, though one of the more popular choices comes from General, thus giving you a starting point on where to look.

Using START to stop!

As we mentioned above, each plan to quit will be different. When formulating your plan it can be really helpful to follow the START setup. The first part is to set a deadline for yourself giving yourself enough time to prepare without losing motivation. The next step is to tell family, friends and workers that you plan on quitting as they can be encouragement and support. You should then anticipate the additional challenges you might face and make contingencies for this – most people who can’t manage to quit smoking, restart smoking within three months of their initial quit date.

Finishing the programme

The biggest step is then to remove all cigarettes and products containing tobacco from everywhere that you live or work. Removing these items will help you to resist temptation. It’s also a good idea to wash your clothes and freshen areas such as your car that will smell of smoke reminding you of what you’re missing out. Finally, you can also talk to your doctor in order to get help, have medicines prescribed for withdrawal symptoms or even to receive additional quitting aids such as lozenges and gum. With all of this in place, hopefully you will be well on your way to quitting.