May 17, 2021


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Top 5 Markets For Home Sales in 2019

Yes, the real estate market has seen its ups and downs over the past decade, or so-but hope is not lost. Some of our country’s housing markets are seeing significant improvements. They are ideal for homeowners who are looking to hang up that “for sale by owner” sign. Read on to find out about the top five housing markets for 2019.

Akron, Ohio

While Akron did experience a housing price decrease of 4% in 2019, it’s expected that the area will see a significant improvement in 2019 and beyond. Jobs are arriving in the area, which means that the population will grow, and that means that houses will be sold. Don’t expect a steep and quick increase in real estate prices, but do expect a steady gain over the next couple of years.

Houston, Texas

We’re not just talking about Houston, either, folks-we’re also including the surrounding towns of Baytown and Sugarland. The reason that Houston made this list is simple: oil. Houston is a massive hub for energy, and this means that more and more jobs are being created-which equates to an increase in the area’s population. During the real estate crisis, Houston only experienced a 4% drop, which is pretty impressive. Add to that the fact that the area has a higher-than-average income, and you can expect to see housing prices to hit bottom this year but increase 2% in 2020. Look at Sell my house fast Houston for more information about trusted Houston House Buying Company.

McAllen/Edinburg/Mission, Texas

That’s right-we’re staying in Texas for this one. This area’s housing market is looking great, mainly due to its active job recovery. Additionally, its population growth is three times the national average! According to Ingo Winzer, president of Local Market Monitor, the area’s real estate prices increased by 19% during the housing boom (between 2002 and 2007) and has dropped a mere 4% since then. But the insane population growth and addition of jobs are sure to increase the housing prices over the next year or two.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sure, it’s not the most glamorous city in the country, with all the steel and whatnot, but it’s expected to kick some butt this year when it comes to real estate. Although Pittsburgh’s population has remained somewhat steady over the past years, its population earns slightly higher-than-average incomes, which always helps. As of December 1st, 2018, the average home cost about $168,000, which isn’t expensive for such a metropolitan area. During the housing boom, Pittsburgh experienced a massive boost in real estate prices (16%), and there hasn’t been a real decline since then. So, even if prices did decrease by 1% in 2019, expect them to rise once again next year.

San Jose, California

San Jose, along with neighboring cities Santa Clara and Sunnyvale, has seen its home prices reach bottom over the past few years. During the housing boom, the area’s real estate prices grew an astounding 43%, but a 21% drop followed this in the following years. However, the fact that there’s a decent recovery underway in regards to the job market is encouraging, and homeowners are encouraged, expecting to see home prices rise over the next few years.

As you can see, these five housing markets aren’t going to suffer nearly as much as other markets throughout the country. So start figuring out if you want to go the FSBO route or the real estate agent route and get that home sold!