Which Is Dominant? Social Media or Search Engine Optimization?

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When we say Social Media (SM) what instantly comes into our minds? We think about it as a means of communicating and reaching out with other people and its impact on our daily lives. That’s the essence of it, to socialize. Socialize in a sense of communicating with other people such as connecting with friends, meeting new friends and searching for a friend or some people you want to know. For businessmen, Socializing with other people means promoting or marketing their products or services, providing good content or information to their audiences and monitoring their business’s growth among their consumers or clients. YouTube, Friendster, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Wikis are some of the top SM Platforms that were accessible online media nowadays. The growth of Social Media has opened possibilities to obtain opinion, interconnect, and engage in international acquaintances and suggests greater possibilities in marketing and businesses no matter how big and small are these businesses through promoting certain products or services.

Search Engine Optimization is about improving one’s web page or website by means of search engines’ natural or organic algorithms to achieve higher rankings. It is a long term technique, is advanced and welcomes the developing internet, within your means compared to the traditional advertising approaches, it searches relevant and prospective consumers or clients and attracts as many as possible consumers or clients.

As the dominance of Social Media prolongs to increase, companies small, medium or big are understanding the approach in which it could assist them to be aware, react to, and appeal to the interests of their aim consumers or clients. Therefore because of this, most businesses are joining in on social media at a fast rate, implementing blogs, social networking sites, wikis, and some other means of achieving their targeted marketing and social communication goals. Social media attracts thousands of people that were hooked on it. By the means of traditional channels before it was introduced it usually takes hours or even days to announce or promote products to possible consumers or clients. Wherein, SM facilitates further fast giving out of information to all its users.

Basically, SM tools allow immediate distribution of reports or news, images or photos, audios, videos, and added multimedia contents. Social media endows extra prevalent coverage that enables delivering news to reach a much wider and wide-ranging reader base compared to standard media outlets.

Social Media helps Branding such as blogging that could spread the word about your or your company’s brand while Search Engine Optimization helps boost up the influence of direct marketing. seo consultant is the important solution of the present direct marketing and lead generation techniques and Social Media has proven its worth to considerably accompany SEO preparations. A lot of SM techniques could noticeably improve your or your company’s search engine rankings like frequent usage of general terminologies and key words or phrases, title tags and internal or external links to blogs and other pertinent Web content. In addition, whereas SEO depends on a limited popular search engine such as Google and Yahoo to drive probable prospects to a certain site, Social Media increases the probable audience, consumers or clients by producing alternate channels. It takes a lot of understanding and considering which of the two is worth focusing compared to the other but invest your time, efforts and resources that would give you the maximum results. What’s your opinion?